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Since 1932, we have worked hard to become a specialist in transport and warehousing. From our central location in Nijkerk, we provide our customers with pre-transport, storage, and distribution of raw materials and end products. We will handle your goods flow the best.

We do not simply bring your products from A to B; we are a logistic partner! We take things off your plate and think along with you. It is our custom to regularly discuss the innovations in our profession and the developments in your business. By doing this, we can increase our efficiency together and optimise your logistics.

Facts and figures

As a customer, you can count on us to handle your logistics properly. We always live up to our agreements. Moreover, every four weeks, the results are evaluated with our employees and team leaders and pinpoint our strengths and points for improvement. We are and remain critical of our organisation, to provide the best logistic services for you

  • 88 years of experience
  • 50 clients
  • 42.000 m2 storrage
  • Millions of bottles of wine and tens of thousands of pallets are in storrage
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Our history

The family business

The transport company M. Bouw & Zonen was established in 1932. After a while, son Martinus Bouw took over the company, and now the third generation is in charge now Martien and Wouter Bouw.

The Family Business

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We want to take our responsibility in finding the balance between the social, ecological and economic dimensions of business and minimise our ecological and social footprint. We have been doing this for years and with great results!

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The team

Bouw Logistic Services employs people who are “Bouw-driven”. Everyone works hard for the same goal, from the back office to the driver.

Here you can find the entire Bouw Logistic Services team!

The team

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