Leading wine importers and logistics service provider join forces

TILBURG/AMSTERDAM/NIJKERK - Jean Arnaud Wijncom, Unique Holland Wijnimport and Levert & Schudel Wijnkopers have signed a partner agreement with Bouw Logistic Services. From 1 November 2020 the logistics services of the leading wine importers will be provided by the specialist in the field of logistics services of wine and spirits, Bouw Logistic Services from Nijkerk". "Our customers deserve a choice from an extensive range of wines and an excellent service level. This collaboration enables us to realize and guarantee our long-term ambitions," says director Anton Bonge… Read more

Press release Boltrics

Bouw Logistic Services brings warehousing, transport, and customs together in one system Nijkerk, 2 October 2020 - Bouw Logistic Services signed the logistics software of Boltrics today. And the ink is not yet dry or the first implementation preparations have already started. The logistics service provider wants to go live with the new system as soon as possible so that they can process the first orders with the new WMS at the beginning of next year. From generic logistics services to specific markets, the logistics service provider from Nijkerk can rightly call itself an "all-rounde… Read more

Improved goods receipt process with ZippCube

Logistics in the Wines & Spirits market is precision work. In transport and storage, it is very important which article you are working with. What is the weight? What are the dimensions? How is it packed? It is this data that makes its mark at every stage of logistics. The more precise it is, the better the motto in this fast-paced world. Bouw Logistic Services has taken a big step by investing in the ZippCube and a software program that can share the data with other Bouw computer systems. To start with, this investment makes the storage of goods easier and of better quality. At the bas… Read more

Main Sponsor Half from Nijkerk

The Half from Nijkerk is an annual running event in Nijkerk. From the beginning, Bouw Logistic Services has embraced this local initiative. By participating with a large team of colleagues and by sponsoring the half marathon. "But we want to do more", explains Theo van Domselaar, commercial manager at Bouw. "We want to entice more people to participate and also to bring the other distances to the attention, in particular the distance of 5 km. This sporting event is for everyone". The main sponsor contract was recently signed. [[image file="2020-02/TekenenContract 2.jpg"]] Read more

Baarsma Wines

We are pleased to announce that Bouw Logistic Services has signed a contract with Baarsma Wines for logistics and transport. A good customer who fits in very well with our portfolio. Baarsma is known for Canei and supplies mainly to retail customers such as Coop, Lekkerland, Jumbo, Makro and Albert Heijn. Baarsma Wines is part of the Invivo Group. The implementation teams have started. [[image file="2019-11/baarsma.jpg" ]] Read more

Twice News

The Eurovitegroup from Ede imports ceramic tiles and small sanitary ware and manufactures associated adhesives, joint mortars and cleaning products, both on a chemical and on a biological basis. Until recently, the Eurovitegroup transported these products itself. Bouw Logistic Services now takes care of the entire process of planning and transport. We are delighted about this good cooperation. Other positive news is the purchase… Read more

Surprise visit

On Thursday, April 25, the snack mobile was in Nijkerk during the lunch break. The Netdata company treated everyone to a snack. They have been in existence for 20 years and for 13 years now Bouw has been a loyal customer. Netdata supplies and maintains our servers and facilitates all data traffic and storage of digital data. They ensure that all information is always available and that everything runs smoothly on our systems. Fast, reliable and safe. Director Remo… Read more

Solar panels on the roof

Bouw Logistic Services has 9000 solar panels on the roof. Last year, no less than 2,000,000 kilowatts were generated. That is more power than the two locations in Nijkerk need, which creates a favorable effect on CO2 emissions. "We started this project two years ago," says Martien Bouw. "We wanted to give a boost to our Corporate Social Responsibility and - fair is fair - the funding possibilities were interesting". Together with the ZonXP company, the solar panel roof was realized in a year and is now operational for a year. ZonXP relieves the company of organization and maintenance. Read more

Oud Reuchlin & Boelen

Oud Reuchlin & Boelen is one of the largest wine importers in the Netherlands. With a large team of experts they deliver quality wines to wholesalers, the hospitality industry and local liquor stores. The logistics of this and the actual distribution have been in the hands of Bouw Logistic Services since August, because OR&B wants to participate in the progress. They want to offer their customers speed and ease of ordering and to be relieved themselves. This new customer fits very well with Bouw Logistic Services. We are specialists when … Read more

18 new trucks

Bouw Logistics Services has purchased 18 new vehicles. New, modern trucks that are used for different purposes. For example, DAF-tractors have been purchased that are used for foreign transport. For transport in the urban area the choice was made for Mercedes-tractors and Mercedes trucks; one is specific for the construction site (with cage monkey). There is also a new small DAF truck for the city centers. "It's a big investment, which we and the drivers are happy with," says Wouter Bouw. "We have opted for the latest technology and that's a pleasure to drive. Chairs sit better, there is … Read more