Bouw Logistic Services provides inventory management for many customers. This offers these customers many advantages. This way they use modern warehouses and digital operating systems. Moreover, they shorten the processing time by having stock and distribution in one place. The resulting flexibility provides an advantage and strengthens the chain of logistics.

The warehouses and the distribution center of Bouw Logistic Services are located in Nijkerk, centrally located with access to highways A1 and A28. We have no less than 42,000 m2 at our disposal.

We are able to deliver anywhere, even in the city center – every day we work in the Benelux.

Real time processing

Your stocks are in good hands in our warehouses. We receive and collect batches, which we immediately label and scan to link the batch to the location. Our scanning technique has an accuracy of over 99%. Thanks to the real-time processing of the information, you can also view the status of your products at any time (with the CAL-net web application).

Modern techniques have greatly simplified the daily routine. You can notify us of your customers' orders with e-systems (IBIS, EDI) (what, how much and where to deliver) and we take care of the rest. Document handling (documentation, signatures, customs, etc.) is also in reliable hands with us.

Optimal chain

Bouw Logistic Services can handle many types of raw materials and products and even has smart solutions for the B2C market. We have everything to set up the optimal chain.

Our knowledge and commitment is versatile. A good example is our work in the Wines & Spirits market, which we have been serving for 80 years. We facilitate from international import to delivery to liquor stores. Over 40 buyers of Wines & Spirits already use our warehouses (we have a license for the storage of alcoholic and non-alcoholic AGP drinks) and for most we arrange all customs documentation. We help relieve them of their concerns.
We are also a good partner for organic and eco products. We have the Bio Certificate for transport and storage.

PD conditions

Warehousing and handling of goods are subject to the most recent Physical Distribution conditions (pdf, Dutch) and the Dutch expedition conditions , deposited by FENEX with the exception of art. 23.

It is necessary to obtain an Adobe reader to read PDF files. Click here to download the software for free.