Value Added Logistics

Packaging, repackaging, labeling, pricing and assembly.

Trade is a dynamic world. Between production and delivery, suppliers are increasingly called upon to provide additional services for their customers. The need for flexibility is increasing. Bouw Logistic Services is able to take over logistics services, so that you can continue to focus on your core business. We have space, equipment and flexible people available. Of course, waste is processed in an environmentally friendly way.

Examples of VAL services are the packaging and repackaging of goods. Labeling and tagging is our specialty. We can take care of your product photos in our own photo studio. We also make displays. All this is possible for large and small shipments and for all your customers. Even your promotions for consumers are in good hands with us. We have smart solutions for that.

Warehousing of alcoholic beverages

Bouw Logistic Excise Services has an AGP license. This means that we can store alcoholic beverages duty free. Dozens of customers already make use of this option and postpone the payment of duty until the shipments are delivered. The AGP license applies to beer, wine, intermediates and other alcoholic products.

Customers use our customs-related services. Examples are:

  • the handling of EMCS documents, such as E- ADs during shipments.
  • taking care of periodic excise declaration and payment to the tax authorities and customs.
  • taking care of export documents.

We use an Excise Registration and Administration System (ARAS) for this, which is linked to our Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Warehousing of non-alcoholic drinks

We also have an AGP license for non-alcoholic drinks. This means that we also offer the aforementioned service for the trade in vegetable juices, fruit juices, mineral water and lemonade.

License holder:

Bouw Logistics Excise Services BV
Galvanistraat 17
3861 NJ Nijkerk

AGP permit NL00740000730 (alcoholic beverages)
AGP permit NL00740009806 (non-alcoholic beverages)

The AGP goods may be stored under suspension of excise duty at the following locations:

  • Galvanistraat 17, 3861 NJ Nijkerk, NLW0000211711 (alcoholic) and NLW0000311876 (alcohol-free).
  • Beurtschipper 3, 3861 SB Nijkerk, NLW0000212702 (alcoholic) and NLW0000311877 (alcohol-free).

PD conditions

Warehousing and handling of goods are subject to the most recent Physical Distribution conditions (pdf, Dutch) and the Dutch forwarding conditions , deposited by FENEX with the exception of art. 23.

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