Our Customers


Our close-knit network in the Benelux is the reason for many customers to work with us. We do road transport in these countries entirely ourselves - with our own people and trucks.

Wines & Spirits

Bouw Logistic Services is a major player in the logistics market for Wines & Spirits.

Construction sites

We have solutions for the punctual delivery of doors, tiles, etc. to often difficult to reach construction sites.

Organic products

We are certified for the transportation and storage of organic products, as well as products that are ecological.

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These customers choose Bouw Logistic Services because:

  • a logistics service provider controls transport, warehousing and value-added logistics;
  • a reliable partner takes over logistical care;
  • a structural cooperation leads to an optimal logistics chain;
  • flexibility and dynamics are becoming increasingly important;
  • innovation leads to speed and accuracy;
  • large and small customers can count on personal attention from management to helpful drivers.

Bouw Logistic Services works with passion.