Improved goods receipt process with ZippCube

Logistics in the Wines & Spirits market is precision work. In transport and storage, it is very important which article you are working with. What is the weight? What are the dimensions? How is it packed? It is this data that makes its mark at every stage of logistics. The more precise it is, the better the motto in this fast-paced world. Bouw Logistic Services has taken a big step by investing in the ZippCube and a software program that can share the data with other Bouw computer systems.

To start with, this investment makes the storage of goods easier and of better quality. At the basis is the ZippCube. It is a mobile device from Logitrade that automatically measures and weighs and is linked to a PC system. The employee places the article (bottle or box or crate) on a glass plate and moves a gate over it. The computer system displays the data quickly and accurately and guides the employee further through the process. Data such as alcohol percentage, year of harvest, method of packaging, EAN code are also checked against our client's specifications and manual input is a thing of the past. The information goes to our Warehouse Management System and deviations are passed on to the client.

In other words: our monitoring of the client's purchase is much more accurate and reliable.

Of course, the reliable and precise data also has great significance for the warehouse, excise registration, distribution, etc. Security benefits the entire chain. Fewer mistakes lead to a more pleasant collaboration. Not only between us and the customer, but also between the customer and his customers in the wholesale trade, the hotel and catering industry and liquor stores.

It is a substantial but good investment, because it makes the chain stronger and more efficient.

For more information you can contact Theo van Domselaar.

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